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  Answer our survey to recieved US$ 50 worth of free product of on your first order.
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Understanding your needs and deliver success to your business is important for us!

And to insure quality service, we would like to know (a little) more about your company and business.

It's so important that we risk bothering you with some questions, which are vital for us in order to serve you perfectly from your first order.

In return for your time and sincerity, we are happy to offer you with 3% discount for all your regular order of US$1,500.00 for six month or 5% discount for order of US$5,000.00.
The offer start from the day you first submitted the survey and expired in six month.

  Survey Form
  (I) About you and your business:
  Full Name:
  Company Name:
  City :
  State :
  Country :
  Telephone :
  Fax :
  Email :
  Your position?
  Owner     Byer     Employee
  What is your age group?
  20-25     26-30     31-35   36-40     40 and over
  What type of business are you in?
retail wholesale retail & wholesale Designer
agent manufacturer Other (please specify) :
  How many outlets do you have?
  Do you sell?  
  Locally     nation wide     Internationally
  How many years have you been in business?
  Do you currently have a web site?
  If yes, please advise URL:
  If not, are you planning on having a web site soon, if yes, when:
  Which of the following describes your business situation most accurately?
Starting or Introduction Growth Maturity Decline
Other (please specify)   :
  Where is your shop located Or where do you sell your jewelry?
City/Mall Town Tourist Spot Rural Area
Internet Flea Market Other (please specify) :
  (II) About your clients and products:
  Is silver jewelry your primary product? Yes No
  What other products do you sell?
Gift and Season Silver ware Home decoration Spa Accessory
Fashion Accessory Decorative Pottery Fashion Jewelry  
Other (please specify) :  
  Who are your main customers?
15-18 19-25 26-30 31-40
41-50 51-60 61 or more  
Other (please specify) :  
  Gender: Male Female Both
Causal Up to Trend/Fashion Biker Heavy Metal/hard rock
Body pierce Other (please specify) :
  What is your average retail sale? $ /pc
  Which period of the year is your high selling season for your business?
Janauary-February March April May June
July August September October November - December
  Which period of the year do you start buying stock for your shop?
Janauary-February March April May June
July August September October November - December
  What is your main (silver jewelry) product line?
Silver with Cz stone Plain Silver Silver with stone
Earring Earring Earring
Ring Ring Ring
Pendent Pendent Pendent
Bracelet Bracelet Bracelet
Necklace Necklace Necklace
Chain with charm Link Chain with charm Link Chain with charm Link
  How much do you currently spend purchasing silver jewelry per year?
  How much do you spend per average purchase? at a time
  Where do you get the majority of your silver jewelry supply from?
Local wholesaler Thailand India China
Indonesia Other (please specify) :
  Have you ever imported silver jewelry or other products from Thailand? Yes No
  Have you ever purchased silver jewelry on-line (Internet)? Yes No
  Please rate the quality and service you get from your current silver supplier? (1=Bad, 2 = Average, 3 = Good, 4= Excellent
Product Quality Product design Service
Delivery time    
  (III) About you and our Products and Services:


  Which types of products are you most interested in ordering from our company? s
Please rank by number (1 = Most demanded and 11= Least demanded) according to your market demand:
Rings Earrings
Bracelets Toe Rings
Pendants / charms Chains & Chokers
Body-Jewelry Watches
Broaches Accessories & Gift items
  Which types of materials are you most interested in ordering from our company?
Please rank by number (1, 2, 3, 4, Etc.), according to your market demand:
Plain silver. Silver and Stone.
Silver and Semi Precious Stones. Silver and Marcasite.
Surgical steel (body jewelry)  
  Following is a list of services and benefits our company offers.
Please rate how important each of these benefits are for your business success.
Using a scale of 0 to 3 (0)= no opinion (1)= not important (2)= important (3)= Very important
 1.  offering competitive price over other suppliers prices. 3 2 1 0
 2.  15 days unconditional satisfaction guarantee. 3 2 1 0
 3.  30 days quality guarantee. 3 2 1 0
 4.  Returning product for full credit while we pay for the return shipping. 3 2 1 0
 5.  Price per gram system. 3 2 1 0
 6. Variety of style and designs. 3 2 1 0
 7. Easy and fast on-line ordering via our web site, www.abzeno.com 3 2 1 0
 8. New products updates regularly. 3 2 1 0

  Which of the above services would you consider to be the most important service for your
business success (only one):
  Do you have any suggestions for new services or how our current services can be improved?



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